Uber have found the only place in the world where he does not need a transport license

Romania, there are various other nations where Uber is outlawed, consisting of Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria or north Australia.

Remarkably, the most recent choice to take a trip with Uber is not the air taxi, however the solution that you can take a trip undersea. The ridesharing system has actually introduced the launch of the scUber, the initial submarine to supply transportation solutions.

ScUber solutions are offered in Australia, and also you can take a trip with the submarine traveling around the Great Coral Barrier. A race for 2 individuals with the submarine will certainly cost you $ 2,000. The journey consists of additionally the helicopter trip to the dock where the sea base is going.

Evidently, Uber does not maintain the cash he wins on these races. The business contributes all the cash, plus $ 100,000, to safeguard the coral reefs. The Great Coral Barrier is the biggest living body on the Earth’s surface area, yet has actually been greatly impacted by environment modification, according to researches.

To the dissatisfaction of visitors, the solution is not a long-term one, yet it is readily available in a restricted method. You will certainly not have the ability to take the scuber till June 18th.

You can see below just how the experience of a scuber journey resembles:

Take the helicopter to the event. He after that introduced UberCHOPPER, a helicopter that brings clients at the Mysteryland celebration, a songs celebration in the Netherlands. The rate of such a race is much less expensive than the scuber.

For those that claim the celebration, Uber likewise provides air scenic tours over the cities of Amsterdam or Rotterdam. For that, you need to pay $ 100 for 2 individuals.

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